Ben Van


I want to narrate your story, guiding your character (the user) from scene to scene. I see my copy as a crutch for design and adopt a designer's mindset when considering word choice, rhythm and tone.

Each sentence is a tiny little organism that can unfurl big ideas.

These words and sentences create different colors and connotations in the user's head. Should we be pushy or pleasant? How will users digest our claims? Should we use sentence case or title case? How about changing that login button to 'Get in here'?

These are the questions that have me interrogating myself at all hours of the night and day, albeit with relish. These are also the questions that impact the way users perceive and consume your brand.

Who are you though? I’m a 6’3 madman who likes motorbikes, sand dunes and bossa nova music. I’ve also worked in digital for 5 years. My hands have been dirtied in content, social and email marketing.

How do you get in contact with me? Right here friend

Selected Work

Scene One

Cute Nutrition

Scene Two

Lola Tech

Scene Three

Discovery Education