Cute Nutrition is a fast growing supplements and weight loss company, geared towards a young image-focused and Instagram-crazed female audience. They are looking to sustain their growth with robust campaigns and digital marketing best practice.

Cute Nutrition

So what can you do for us?


Your social channels and site are all in good order but we had a look at your email campaigns & paid social campaigns and, well, they could use some work.

Cute Nutrition

Go on…

Ben opens up the deck — feeling confident — he clears his throat and continues with the presentation.


We have two campaign ideas: one revolving around this not that e.g. healthy not hungry or strong not skinny. We think this message will echo the values of Cute & lead to maximum conversions. We would roll this campaign out across all social channels and Google Adwords, altering the copy and imagery based on performance.

Ben, assuming some tension in the air, clasps his collar sideways… He gathers himself and moves onto the next slide.

Ben (Cont'd)

We have a secondary campaign called ‘get cute’. A text-led campaign that will spark inspiration through assertive slogans like “get fit, get cute, get active”. Stating immediate and definitive rewards is the most effective approach for fast-paced social channels. Both of these campaigns will use striking imagery and fresh colourways, projecting Cute’s imagery.

Cute Nutrition, looking far more pleased, nods along. Ben continues with more vigour...


Also, when we were having a dig around in your Mailchimp account we noticed a really high open rate — particularly for content related to workout exercises and nutrition. We thought a good way to capitalize on these insights would be to create a tailor-made training Program, one that is initiated post-purchase and aligns with the lifecycle of a particular shake or supplement. This would include gym exercises and nutritional advice. We have experience in best practice for automation to ensure users stay receptive and engaged throughout.

Cute Nutrition

These campaigns are very similar to what we have been thinking about implementing. Bravo. How soon can you start?

Fade to black

From black


Ben starts implementing the ‘this not that’ and ‘get cute’ campaigns. The messaging and applied nuances are chosen based on previous high-performing ads (also adding a lot of emojis, which seem to be a hit with this particular audience). Visual elements push idealised body shots, Cutes definitive colourway and fresh produce.

The email campaigns are created to automate post-purchase and trigger nutrition and exercise reminders twice a week. Reward promotions are applied to those who follow the training program; shakes tend to last for 2 weeks (if taken as recommended) and during the last 3 days, promotions are applied for repurchasing and or buying new products.

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