Discovery Education provides teaching resources for primary school teachers. These video-rich, cross-curricular materials are designed to transform classrooms. Courses are geared towards coding and the national curriculum. In short, Discovery Education immerses students in digital media content, equipping them for the challenges of the outside world.

The camera zooms in on Ben, who is trying to resist his third Kit Kat of the meeting. His hand is about to strike the bowl when he is suddenly summoned.


We have brought along our copywriter and social media whizz, Ben, who has a few ideas for a potential campaign.

Ben, looking flattered but unable to take compliments well, proceeds tentatively with his spiel.


Thanks team. So, one option we thought would bring together the values of Discovery Ed is a campaign that encompasses three pillars: Learn, Share and Connect. The cadence of the text will reflect the simplicity of the product. This copy will be enhanced by vibrant and trustworthy colorways, with all material staying uniform across social media, email and marketing collateral.

Ben (Cont'd)

Oh, and as for social, we would recommend continuing to promote user-generated content i.e the kids using the materials and so on; it reasserts the product's usability when teachers touchdown on your social handles. A daily quiz would also be a good idea for engagement ;)

We zoom towards Ben now as he takes a sip of his coffee, leaving a frothy moustache above his mouth. He looks directly at that camera, smirking menacingly as he wipes the milky moustache off his face.

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Ben (Cont'd)

So, how about you then?

Fade To Black